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First Copies of New ‘Star Destroyers’ Anthology In, with Tony Daniel Introduction

STAR DESTROYERSInitial copies of Star Destroyers, an anthology edited by Tony Daniel and Christopher Ruocchio, are in at the Baen office. The book will be at booksellers in March.  Star Destroyers has some great stories by many Baen-Books-related authors.

The basic idea of the anthology is there on the cover. Big ships. Blowing things up.  It’s about large spaceships and starships, enormous and enormously powerful, in big futures where contention is rife. Will the future have anything like this? Who the heck knows. But the stories are fun.

Star Destroyers has an introduction by Tony Daniel on the idea of the battleship in science fiction. You can read it for free here.

Tony Daniel Pens Foreword to “Down and Out in Purgatory: the Collected Stories of Tim Powers”

DOWN AND OUT IN PURGATORYTony Daniel penned the foreword to this collection of the complete short stories of great fantasy and science fiction writer, Tim Powers. Daniel is a long-time admirer of Powers’ books and stories, and considers Powers to be an influence on his own work.

Daniel’s essay, “The Powers Effect,” can be read for free as part of a sample of the book found here.

More information on the book itself can be found here.

Tony Daniel Reviews the ‘Letterkenny’ Television Series at ‘The Federalist’

Tony Daniel reviews the Canadian comedy series Letterkenny at  The Federalist here.

Tony Daniel Reviews the Netflix Film ‘Bright’ for ‘The Federalist’

Tony Daniel reviews the Netflix film Bright at The Federalist here.

Tony Daniel Reviews ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ for ‘The Federalist’

Tony Daniel reviews the Amazon Prime television series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel at The Federalist here.

Tony Daniel Reviews Mark Helprin’s novel ‘Paris in the Present Tense’ at ‘The Federalist’

federalist4siteTony Daniel reflects on the great writer Mark Helprin, and Helprin’s new novel, Paris in the Present Tense at The Federalist web site here.

Tony Daniel Talks About THE AMBER ARROW on Baen Podcast

Here’s an in-depth podcast interview with Tony Daniel discussing THE AMBER ARROW. The interview is conducted by Lauren Dixon. It is part of the weekly Baen Free Radio Hour podcast that Tony usually hosts this podcast in his editorial position at Baen, but this time he’s the featured author. The interview starts at 6 minutes 15 seconds in. You can also listen on iTunes here, and everywhere fine podcasts are available such as TunIn here, or download the podcast at the Baen web site here.

“The Powhaten,” A Free Short Story Starring Wannas Kittamaquand of THE AMBER ARROW, Debuts!

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“The Powhatan” is the story of Wannas Kittmaquand’s escape through the Roman lines to try to get help for his besieged city, Potomak. It’s set just before he shows up to bother/help Ursel Keiler in The Amber Arrow!


The Powhatan,” a free short story set in the world of The Amber Arrow and The Dragon Hammer, is now posted at “The Powhatan” is also available in ebook version at Baen Ebooks. This is a tale of Wannas Kittamaquand, one of the secondary characters in The Amber Arrow, but one Tony really likes, and whose backstory he wanted to explore a bit more. Wannas is a Powhatan young man of seventeen from the city-state of Potomak (which is on the site of Washington, D.C., in the Wulf’s Saga North America). In the world of Wulf’s Saga, eastern North American Indians have done much better in standing off the Vikings than they did against the Europeans in real history. The Chesapeake Indian tribes formed successful city-states along the rivers, and specialized in trade. They are more politically advanced than the Vikings or the Romans colonials of North America, and live in budding democracies, much like the Italian city-states like Venice and Florence in the 1300s. In the book, and in this story, American Indians are known as “Skraelings,” which is what the Vikings did call them in the historical sagas in Icelandic which tell of Leif Eriksson’s journey to Nova Scotia.

The Amber Arrow Debuts September 5

The Amber Arrow, the sequel to The Dragon Hammer, is on the way to booksellers everywhere in September 2017. That’s Ursel Keiler on the cover, by the way, the expert archer and adopted daughter of bear people, from The Dragon Hammer.

AA 2

A stack of The Amber Arrow author copies.


The first chapter of The Amber Arrow is in Ursel’s point of view.


Discussing The Dragon Hammer on The Baen Free Radio Hour Podcast

Talking about The Dragon Hammer on the Baen Free Radio Hour podcast (perma-link here). It’s a good, in-depth interview of about 45 minutes conducted by David Afsharirad. I discuss the book, the myth, magic, and alternate history of its setting. We also talk about my main character Wulf and his friends as they discover courage, perspective, and heroism within themselves while coming of age in a fight for the freedom of Shenandoah. Give it a listen; I think you’ll like it!